so im back in minneapolis, i am very tan, and pumped.  SO glad to be home home…i got a new phone number and yes id love to hang out…Ive been back for a week and its been great so far.  Erik and I rode trains home, it was a fast and fun ride, though one bike was lost to the fury of travel, bye bike i loved you.  Im super loving everything, acro yoga (though my skills have been seriously lost to the ocean!), friends, space!  Im working a little, at Anodyne hehehe…and settling. down…thanks for reading the ol blog for so long…i plan on putting up some final pictures that will probably be just a huge mess of all over the whole last 9 months, when i get my act together….and maybe ill keep it up. the bloging…Erik, Elyse, Scogin, Mel and I had a reunion dinner last week which was really fun! Scogin is getting much more healed…and we sat really close to each other just to get back in our comfort zone…

looking forward to being boring, well as boring as i get, acro yoga, choir tour, thai massage, riding my bike, farming, massaging the pigs…

much love.bella.

is that all there is??

so this is it. the boat is done sailing for now.  Erik, Kyle, and I brought lil Pleiades up the ogeechee river near savannah ga, and parked it in front of our friend dans house, where we picked it up 7 months ago.  Thats it.  The final sail was quite uneventful…fun, easy, no major hardships, no running aground, no motoring…ez.  Now the final haul is packing up, and heading northward.  Erik and i are going to put everything away, mail some things home, and ship ourselves back up to good ol minneapolis!  I spent the day checking emails and realizing how many great adventures are already planned for me up in minne! choir tour, acro yoga camping adventure, minnasota yoga festival!!  im already getting so busy!  the next big adventure is work, making money, attempting to be able to work for myself of get a job doing bodywork, teaching yoga/acro, performing, getting back to “normal”

SO see yall soon!! thanks for keeping up with us! im going to try and post a bunch of pictures that never made it on here from the DIY meet up, guatemala, and other random things that i forgot to put on here.  and maybe ill keep posting about exciting land living…the wonders of a shower, indoor plumbing, laundry!! gosh i missed fresh water…and bicycling, growing food, all these land lubber things.

much love, PLEIADES RULES!!!!

catch up…miami to brunswick…headed home.

so we left Miami beach! We left on Saturday the 29th, around noon, Erik and I convinced Kyle to come sail with us up to Jacksonville (and soon after convinced to go all the way to Savannah!!)…it was raining, i was at the helm, Erik and Kyle were pulling out sails, figuring out the motor, running around, while we were dodging the usually insanely huge vessels trying to kill us…

there is no way to show how big these boats are…but every one of those is the size of a semi truck, and we were trying to stay out of the way!


anyway we had a pretty difficult sail out of the miami inlet…but once we were out it was lovely!  We had the push of the Gulf Stream, “ride the snake!” we were going 11 knots!! toward Fort Pierce to pick up Zac, who happened to be in florida visiting family, and wanted to come sail with us!!

We sailed overnight and got to Fort Pierce at 5am, dropped anchor and dropped our heads on slightly damp pillows, and slept for a few hours, before waking up and going to find ZAC!!  One thing that has been really great about having Kyle on board and having more confidence sailing is that we cruised in under sail, no motor? no problem 🙂

We found Zac, big ol back pack, wearing an amazing outfit, ready to sail!!

Zac in professional seaze styles

threw him on board and took off!  We decided that we would not go out to the ocean at first, for sake of easy sailing and the weather was looking pretty crazy, we sailed the intra-coastal waterway…a bit longer, and very difficult to sail at night, and sometimes looking at the sprawl of $$ all over….though it was really FUN and we had such a lovely time stopping at night, running aground (woops!), and seeing dolphins, and manatees!

We stopped in funny small towns, wandered around, easy sailing…like retired cruisers…ahhhh the life!

BUT! the second day of sailing, Zac woke up with some back pain, then slipped on deck and put his back in a bad place…he couldnt turn his head, he was hurting…we had to stop, we found an abandoned dock, (lucky us!) tied up and then convinced the owner to let us stay for the day (which was pretty easy with an injured sailor), forced zac to call his dad, and waited for his dad to come pick him up…no more sailing for zac, sadly!  We were pretty bummed!  We loved having Zac on board, and had fun waiting around for his dad to come.  We took advantage of the weather and when Zac took off we did too, just about sunset we set off for the big ol ocean!

ready to cast off the dock!

We were going to go to Jacksonville, to drop off Zac (originally and drop of Kyle), but we convinced (not very hard!) Kyle to go all the way to Savannah with us so we decided to skip jacksonville and head to Brunswick Ga….get out of Florida!

We sailed all night, all day, and until 10pm, anchor up to anchor down was 26hrs (we made amazing time)

Some features of the trip:  Leaving the inlet was INSANE!!! the most insane ever! seriously, it was really intense, the waves though not huge were 4ft-ish and all over the place, the tide was coming in  (against us) and there was shoaling off to our port (waves breaking over too shallow waters) AND another sailboat coming in the inlet…there was not a lot of space, the boat was pitching all over the place, the motor was running the main was up, the motor alternated from being completely submerged to 4 ft above the water, then it died (duh), we pulled out the jib, erik got it started, we pulled in the jib, it was crazy…then erik said we cant do it we have to turn back, kyle tried to turn us back and in doing so we realized that we were almost out, so we fought it out, and made it safe and sound….nothing broken, nothing bad…everyone laughing and saying “holy shit!!, that was crazy!”  and we sailed…we sailed all night, and then in the morning put up the spinnaker and had it up ALL day!!

sailing with the spinnaker up!

In the middle of the night we were visited by some dolphins, which was strange for us, night time dolphins…they were crazy jumping out of the dark waters, at first erik (who was steering) thought that they were a whale, they were so close and loud! luckily they were not a whale, dolphins cant put a whole in yr boat! THEN the next morning we were visited by DaveMattews, the bird!  a small sparrow landed on our boat and stayed all day, in and out through the v-berth window, letting us pick him up and landing on our heads and hands, and kanoodeling with kyle…

kyle and dave matthews (the bird)

landing on erik in the vberth…

erik with dave on his head in the v-berth

We had another epic sail into the Brunswick inlet, spinnaker flying high (we had is up all day!), the tide going out pushing against us, though a million times easier then leaving the night before, we kept the spinnaker up, and had no problems, we looked all over for dave but figured he took off, then we saw A TORTUGA!!! a turtle a turtle, a giant sea turtle raised its big ol flipper up from the ocean and waved at us as we sailed by! all my dreams come true a turtle! finally.  it was the best….we dropped anchor and tucked in sleepily…the next morning  (today) getting ready to go to shore we were struck with tragedy: we found davematthews, dead.  he some how got his lil self stuck behind all these sweaters on the shelf, we didnt know! we didnt see him…it is the saddest thing of this whole trip i think…we gave him a proper bural at sea…

funeral preparations, good bye davematthews. we love you.


sorry to end things on this sad sad note

We are safely in St. Simons Island, drinking coffee, interneting, checking tides and winds, leaving tonight headed toward the Ogeechee River, where we will leave Pleiades, and head home.  to the minneapolis summer, our dear friends, and family, and home.


last of 3 updates…key west to miami….

So we finally touched us soil on easter…it was kind of like being risen from the dead, maybe..i donno…

We kind of WILD-ed OUT when we got there…i think the photos should speak for themselves:

we didnt do a whole lot in key west but the cookie monster was a major event, which i think almost killed emory and hit elyse pretty hard, erik was spared by not going out that night, and i didnt over do it cause my stomach was already a bit queezy at the sight of the cookie monster!!

We left key west 2 days later, and sailed up to miami…SMOOTH SAILING!! it was sooo smooth!! i also was given some new sea drugs, that actually work! and i havent puked since!! which is really good, cause my body couldnt handle much more…i managed to get so dehydrated that i got a uti, kidney pain, and lost 13lbs…but im back on track now, drinking 32oz of cranberry everyday, and getting plenty of sleep…

Other important things you missed: eriks birthday! we took the train from miami to lake worth and visited our amazing friends there, then went out to dinner and horchata!! and on the train home did the New traditional birthday activity where everyone says one thing they like and one thing they dont like about the birthday person…it was pretty hilarious…”your wanton use of calk” was my favorite quote of the dislikes…Also  while at sea Erik cut his hair, all of it, as a contribution to the ship of the dead at the bottom of the ocean complied of discarded human hair and nails…he is now a short haired person, looking like rod stuart again…

Elyse is going to be headed home sooner than the boat, not sure when she is leaving but you minnesotans keep your eyes peeled for her she will be there soon, but dont think that means erik and i are there…

Emory, sigh, took off yesterday…to go to new orleans and scamper around the south until it gets hot enough up north to return (to maine)…we miss them SOOO Much,, em we miss you…we love you.

Scogin is back in minnesota, erik and him talked recently and it seems like he is doing much better to be at home and working on healing…

Ill keep updating til we get home…short sails now, erik and i head up to savannah, leaving on friday, weather depending, then driving my car (hopefully) to minne leaving around the 6th or 7th…so see you soon, maybe!


honduras to the us of a

SO…the thing that is the major difference from sailing TO guatemala as opposed to sailing home, is that on the way we were sailing WITH the wind, at our backs and over the waves but going with them, all together, so there is not as much getting knocked around by waves or heeling (leaning) way over to one side or the other cause of the direction of the wind…on the way back the wind was essentially in our faces, however the current (the gulf stream) once we got to it, was with us.  Wind in the face requires going at a 45 degree angle to the wind and tacking back and forth to go where you wanna go…and that also means the boat is heeled over to the max, and we are headed into the waves, and they CRASH and bang into the boat and us and we are little sardines on a rollercoaster…not as comfortable, and also harder on the boat (hence more things breaking) and more leaks so their faces (and everything is wet, damplife is our new brand)

So We left honduras, 5 days after our friends who we were trying to sail with left, and we started heading north and west, tack tack tack, it was a good trip, cause the wind toward the end was more toward our backs and we were able to make good time to MEET UP WITH our FRIENDS! we actually met up, we met on an island that we had been planning on meeting up at but we were not sure they would still be there! they were!! it was a joyous occasion!

boats from our boat

We dont have many pictures from this time, cause we were only there for 20hrs, so much for a break! we took everything out of the boat, dried it out,

damp boat, damplife…


went to the beach, and took off, cause the wind was going to be coming from the south for 1 more day, and we HAD to take advantage of this good weather…So We left around 11pm started to head north…in normal Pleiades fashion, we had to turn back, but this time we didnt have to even touch dry land, we had to do a sail-by drop to borrow a gps from kyles boat, since both of ours broke (thats fine, everything eletronical breaks on that boat) the borrowed gps is amazing though, it works, it doesnt eat batteries like the end of the world is coming either…its great…has served us well! thanks colton for saving our lives again and again!

So we sailed downwind for a while, pulled out the spinnaker sail, which we havent had out since when we left miami! its such a pretty sail…some sailing pictures for you:

PICTURES!!! for real….

So ok first off, we are in the los estados unidos finalamente!  We actually have been stateside for about a week, or just over actually we hit land on easter, um the 7th of april i believe.  WHAT a crazy ride it was too!!!

ill post some pictures first…first are a series from guatemala…The three boats, colton harris moore, dorthy ann, and pleiades went sailing around lago izabal, we went to el estore and celebrated my birthday so here are pictures from all that, and from our first attempt to leave livingston (the time everything broke and i puked for 3 days, and we turned around), and our second attempt to leave (the time we actually made it to honduras!):


So we actually ended up sailing to honduras, the bay islands…hehe…it turned out that when we left livingston the winds were just perfect for sailing east, we were becalmed for many hours enroute and one of those times of going nowhere, a SHARK came to check us out…poked around the boat and swam away, but it was totoally AWESOME!!

…so we are about to leave to head north from here.  We actually left yesterday from bay islands…but the boat started leaking something crazy, and the wind was too much, and we only made it 12 miles out before we realized that we need to head back and wait for better weather…then as soon as we turned around a peice broke off the boom, that holds our reef points in and the spinaker pole broke too, both minor fixes but much easier to fix not underway…ugh! what a wild trip just trying to get home!

so we are in the bay islands, waiting for better weather…probably leaving tomorrow. We spent the day fixing broken things. our ritual at this point…find the leaks, seal them up..fix the broken things and leave again.  Some times we feel defeated, but we are determined to safely travel home, and hope hope hope that it is on our sweet pleiades.  Anyway the bay islands are a total strange land, it feels a bit like coastal florida and not much like central america.  Lots of college students, lots of tourists, and sailors are around.

We are working to keep up the good energy…though also we just checked our collective bank account, and things are looking tight…eeek…

All the more reason to start heading home.  Get to work! get a job, ya bum!

we will probably leave tomorrow or the next day and if i can figure it out ill post some pictures, as it stands my computer cord is totally busted so ill have to figure it out on the public computers, no problem…


much love from all the crew! keep reading, we love the attention 🙂